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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A former star of Tiger King was arrested for DUI in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.Police say they witnessed a driver run over a curb while driving a White Range Rover on the 2400 block of N. Pennsylvania Avenue early Saturday morning.According to reports, the vehicle abruptly came to a stop, and Lauren Lowe called for help with unclear speech.When Lauren reportedly got out of the driver’s seat, Jeff took over the wheel.Police say Jeff failed to use his signal when changing lanes.Authorities managed to pull Jeff over and reported a strong odor that smelled like alcohol.In addition,...

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Oklahoma City, Okla. – A Georgia man was arrested in Oklahoma after faking his death for six years. Christopher Tomberlin, 36, fled Bibb County, Georgia, in 2015 to escape an attempted murder case of his then-wife. The US Marshals Service Metro Fugitive Task Force and the OKCPD’s Violent Crimes Apprehension Team, including OKC police’s Criminal Intelligence Unit, worked diligently to locate the suspect. Authorities say analysts put the pieces of the puzzle together that ultimately led to Tomberlin’s arrest. Tomberlin was arrested in 2015 for allegedly throwing a hatchet at his wife. The domestic confrontation also involved injury to the...

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Oklahoma City, Okla – An Oklahoma county man was arrested after allegedly pointing his firearm with an attached laser at OKCPD’s Air One helicopter.Oklahoma police were flying over southwest territory around 5 a.m. on May 13th when someone pointed a laser at the helicopter.Authorities located the laser-equipped gun pointing suspect, identified as Corey Gene Shipman. TRENDING📈 What we know about the Oklahoma City great-grandmother attacker Shipman was reportedly lying on the ground of a home during the incident.Patrol officers reported to the suspect’s residence and found him inside the home with a gun in hand.Shipman did not seem to put up...

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